Foldable Mast Steps

The famous mast steps from Mast Products Int.-Holland  have been added to our product range on January 2012.

The "Mast Step" is manufactured from a special combination of "Nylon/Glass fibre" which together with its design gives the step enormous strength. With a 3% additive, it makes the mast step UV resistant and prevents material degradation. The steps weighs only 165grams each (weight is always a consideration for products up a mast), and when folded does not snag ropes or sails due to the 'snag-free' design. At anchor or on a mooring the steps do not rattle in the wind and there is a choice of colours to match the mast - white, black and grey. The steps are placed on opposite sides of the mast with a recommended spacing of 375mm and two opposite each other 1200mm down from the top of the mast for stable and safe working on sheaves, halyards and masthead instruments.